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CPJMA Features New Town Council Banners

Crown Point Junior Music Academy staff members Tra-Viecia Nolte (left) and Lisa Lopez show off one of the new PBTC banners.

May Meeting to Focus on Short Term Vacation Rentals

PBTC’s May monthly meeting will feature a presentation by the group Save San Diego Neighborhoods:  “Zoning 101:  Why Short Term Vacation Rentals are Unlawful in Your Neighborhood.

The meeting will take place at 6:30 pm on May 18th at Crown Point Jr. Music Academy.


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Learn To Protect Seniors From Scams

This program will also take place on May 11 from 10am – 12pm at the Taiwanese American Foundation, 7838 Wilkerson Court, San Diego.


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Bike Theft in Pacific Beach: How to Protect Yourself

Many bikes in Pacific Beach are being stolen.  Using sturdy locks and common sense are important, but if you’re a theft victim anyway, there’s one thing you must do to get your bike back.

And you have to do it now.

According to the San Diego Police, the only way a recovered bike can be returned to you is if you have a record of the bike’s serial number. Most bike serial numbers are on the bottom bracket from which the pedal cranks protrude.  Just turn the bike upside-down and record the number.  If it’s not there, look around the frame.  If you can’t find a serial number anywhere, an alternate method is to have your driver’s license number engraved on the frame.

Keep the number in a safe place and provide it to police if you’re the unfortunate victim of a bike theft.

Oral Cancer Awareness Month


Science Open House – Crown Point Music Academy

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