Police non-emergency number: (619) 531-2000.
For a life-threatening emergency or crime in progress, call 911.

City of San Diego Website
The City’s new website is a great resource for information, reporting problems and you can download the “Get It Done” app.

Download the PBTC’s Problem Solver PDF
This provides contact information for various City services.

Download the City’s Enforcement Responsibilities PDF
This very helpful document tells you who to call for issues ranging from abandoned vehicles to grafitti to excessive water usage, and everything in between.

RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol)
This program provides free home checks for people who are on vacation or otherwise not at home — for example, during fumigation.  Volunteers will come by your residence at least once a day to check all doors, gates, etc. and make sure everything looks secure.  Home checks are done for a minimum of three days, and a maximum of 30.  To take advantage of this service, contact the San Diego Police Northern Division at 858-552-1737.