The Pacific Beach Town Council is a membership organization, open to everyone, dedicated to the betterment of Pacific Beach.

COVID-19 Update: The PBTC office is temporarily closed, but volunteers are responding to voice mails and email. Contact us.

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Virtual Painting Class

PBTC Virtual Painting Class – February 27

Let’s get the creative juices flowing! Join us for a LIVE painting class while in the comfort of your own home, and create a beautiful beach sunset painting. You’ll receive step-by-step instructions from an artist with Painting & Vino. PB Town Council members will receive a special discount off the event price. Get details.

San Diego Fire Dept. Releases PSA on Beach Fires

The past year has seen an increase in illegal fires on our community beaches. People are lighting fires that are not enclosed in required fire rings and that contain sharp objects such as nails and glass. Residents are bothered by excessive smoke and noise, and they are calling 911 to report the fires, which pulls SDFD resources away from emergency calls. In response, the SDFD created a public service announcement video to explain why some types of fires create a huge problem for residents and first responders and how to use non-emergency phone numbers to report them. Watch the video now!

2020: The Year in Review

It was a tough year. We didn’t get to do some of our favorite things, like Concerts on the Green. But PBTC still had a significant positive impact on our community. Get the PDF version.

  • During the height of the initial shutdown, we donated $5,000 to StayHomeSD, which delivered food and necessities to seniors in our neighborhood. We partially funded this with a quarantine-themed art contest, using the winning entries for t-shirt sales.
  • PBTC and two of its board members collectively donated $2,500 to fund wi-fi installation at the PB Recreation Center.
  • We paid $3,000 for an extra day of trash pickup this summer in the business district, which was being overrun with trash due to increased restaurant to-go orders resulting from the pandemic.
  • With the help of your contributions, we’ve been power-washing sidewalks on Garnet and benches and trash can areas on the boardwalk at the Felspar and Emerald cul-de-sacs. Get more information on the power-washing and how to donate.
  • We advocated for park curfews, boardwalk vending regulations, expanded park hours for dogs and other quality-of-life issues in Pacific Beach.
  • We landscaped the area around the iconic “wave” sign at the entry to PB on Grand Avenue with attractive succulent plantings.
  • When the City fell behind on weed abatement, we organized volunteers to clean up weeds and trash on Mission Bay Drive, Garnet Avenue, Grand Avenue, and Soledad Mountain Road. Please sign up for future weed removal events, or donate!
  • Two local students were awarded scholarships from PBTC as Dan Froelich Youth Award winners.
  • We donated $1,000 to Friends of Rose Creek to aid cleanup and habitat restoration.
  • We supported a proposal to re-name a community park in honor of PB’s first Black educator, William Payne.
  • We helped two Mission Bay High students to launch a new community art and literature magazine.
  • Our monthly meetings went online so that community members could continue to hear from, and ask questions of, our first responders and representatives of our elected officials. Get details on all meetings here. If you missed the meetings, recordings are available on our Facebook page.
  • We collaborated with volunteers and other PB organizations to launch a new Block Captain program for businesses on Garnet Avenue, with the objective of collectively leveraging opportunities and solving problems for a clean and vibrant business district.
  • We honored our first responders with the annual PAESAN (Police and Emergency Services Appreciation Night) celebration, held online for the first time in 40 years.
  • We held a PB porch photo contest and the first annual PB Chalk Art Challenge to add some fun to our time in quarantine.

Member Discounts

More than 30 PBTC Business Members currently offer discounts on dining and shopping to all PBTC members. Just show your membership card!
See the list of offers.

Community Improvements in Pictures

The PB wave sign on Grand Avenue received succulent plantings thanks to PBTC board secretary Susan Crowers and her sister Nancy. PBTC had added soil amendment to prepare for the planting and also coordinated with the City’s Parks and Recreation Department to fix some sprinkler heads and add a valve timer for regular irrigation of the new plants.

The south sidewalk of the 900 block of Garnet and this trash can area on the boardwalk are two of the many areas power-washed in 2020 with funding from PB Town Council’s members and donors. Proper water reclamation equipment was used. Get more info or donate here.

When the City of San Diego fell behind on weed and trash removal from traffic medians and other areas, PB Town Council’s hard-working community volunteers got the job done. PBTC board member Charlie Nieto created this map to show the areas we cleaned up in 2020. This work will continue in 2021. A huge thank-you to all the volunteers! Want to participate in future clean-ups? Please let us know!

William Payne

Petition to Honor the Payne Family

Did you know? William Payne was the second Black educator hired by SDUSD in 1945 and the first Black teacher in Pacific Beach. His career was dedicated to public education, as was that of his wife, Fannie Payne. His first assignment in San Diego was at Pacific Beach Junior High, where he taught middle school students here in PB.

Unfortunately, a group of 1,900 petitioners advocated for his reassignment to another school because they didn’t think a Black person should be teaching at their school. They presented the petition at a school board meeting in 1945, but their request was denied by the superintendent of schools, and their appeal to the state was later rejected.

Despite this egregious and unconscionable display of racism, Fannie and William Payne exemplified resilience and dignity in their personal and professional lives. Later on, Mr. Payne taught at San Diego High before retiring from public education after a 25-year distinguished career. He died in 1986, and Fannie survived him for another 22 years until passing on in 2008. Theirs is a pioneering San Diego story with a Pacific Beach connection worth commemorating.

PB residents Paige Hernandez and Regina Sinsky-Crosby have circulated an online petition to rename the Pacific Beach Middle Joint-Use Field as “Payne Park” to memorialize this honorable family, and PBTC supports their efforts.

Visit the online petition.

View the PBTC letter of support.

PBTC statement against racism.

Pacific Beach from satellite

New STVR Proposal Surprises D2 Residents

In an effort to legalize short-term rental visitor accommodations in San Diego neighborhoods, Councilmember Jen Campbell surprised District 2 residents and community groups with an announcement on July 1st regarding an MOU between Expedia and Unite Here. Signed on June 24, the Memorandum of Understanding outlines a path toward legalization by amending San Diego’s municipal code to allow STRs in residential zones. Currently, San Diego’s permissive zoning scheme does not allow for STRs, but our city leaders have failed to enforce the law.

And much to the disappointment of many long-time Mission Beach residents, the MOU calls for a carve-out of their neighborhood to legally allow a 30% whole-home STVR saturation of the Mission Beach housing inventory. This would equate to 1,086 legal whole-home STRs in Mission Beach alone.

PBTC opposes this back room deal with Expedia, as the real stakeholders on this issue — that is, the residents of San Diego — have been ignored. View our recent PBTC statement in the link below from OB Rag.

Pacific Beach Town Council Opposes Councilwoman Campbell’s Short Term Vacation Rental Deal

*** In April 2015, the PBTC general membership voted overwhelmingly in support of not allowing short-term rentals in R1 residential zones

What Does the PBTC Do?

PBTC connects residents with our elected officials at monthly public forums, advocates for the betterment and beautification of PB with City Council and other governing bodies, supports local students with scholarships and awards, organizes Concerts on the Green and the annual PAESAN community BBQ fundraiser, beautifies PB with the annual Graffiti Removal Day and support for other cleanups, honors and provides financial assistance to PB’s first responders, and much more. PBTC also owns and maintains a PB gem, Rose Creek Cottage.

Why Should I Join?

Your support creates a more beautiful, safe and thriving PB – raising the quality of life in our community today and for future generations. And with Member Discounts, your membership can pay for itself!

Where Do My Membership Dues Go?

PBTC is an all-volunteer organization: no salaries and minimal overhead. Your support goes right back into the community.