2010 PB Town Council Welcomes Officers, Directors, New Honorary Mayor

The halls of the Mission Bay Yacht Club saw friends old and new come together to name board members and directors of the Pacific Beach Town Council during the board’s installation dinner and ceremony Jan. 16.

The council officially recognized board officers — including newly elected Town Council President Rose Galliher, and appointed Todd Brown as the Honorary Mayor of Pacific Beach.

“One of the things I want to do is make sure all the different organizations work together because it takes all of us to work and make Pacific Beach beautiful,” Galliher said.

One area where Pacific Beach groups can work together is fundraising. Brown said he has plans to help raise funds toward a dearly held community event which didn’t happen last year.

“My only thought is that we will have a (holiday) parade this year,” Brown said.

The parade didn’t occur this past holiday season because of a lack of funds but “that’s not going to happen this year,” Brown said.

Past Honorary Mayor Don Mullen added that the community should come together to “revive” the parade. Mullen joined several other community members who volunteer for another group: the Pacific Beach Community Foundation. The foundation helps raise money for community events, he said.

Several involved with the community foundation, including Mary Cook, Georgina Smith, outgoing Honorary Mayor of Pacific Beach John Logan and Jim Moore also attended the installation dinner, joining approximately 50 neighbors and Pacific Beach community members. District 2 City Council representative Kevin Faulconer was also in attendance.

With established community members in tow, a spirit of cooperation and optimism filled the speeches of several who spoke both publicly and behind the scenes. Second-year board member Nini Balistrieri said that “working together” with neighbors and businesses will help Pacific Beach tackle any problems that may arise. Balistrieri, a mother of two, helped organize the dinner. She added that she’s excited for the newly elected board members.

Newly elected Town Council board member Chris Decker said one mission of the council should be to reach out and attract big and small businesses to the community.

“Everyone realizes that PB will grow regardless of the economy,” he said. “I think we can get the right businesses for Pacific Beach.”

Part of how Decker plans to reach out to the business community is through the newly revamped PBtowncouncil.org website redeveloped by Town Council member Todd Sarouhan.

Town Council Vice President Ruby Houck said that another goal of the council should be to increase its membership base.

“What I see are fresh new faces with fresh new perspectives and a can-do attitude,” she said. “This board needs to get out and spread the word and get more people involved for a better community.”

PBTC officers & directors
President: Rose Galliher
Vice President: Ruby Houck
Secretary: Jennifer Dreyfus
Treasurer: Glenn Olson
Past President: Rick Oldham

Directors: Rick Armstrong, Nini Balistrieri, Chip Bonghi, Nanci Dalzell, Chris Decker, Chris French, Alan Harris, Jeffrey Montez, Edward Reay, Todd Sarouhan, Joe Wilding


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