Update: Oversized Vehicle Ordinance

Members of the Pacific Beach community at the Pacific Beach Town Council annual community forums have raised the issue of RVs and trailers cluttering our residential streets during the day and parking overnight, thereby creating safety and health issues, monopolizing parking, thereby impacting individual’s quality of life. The Safe & Beautiful Committee of the Pacific Beach Town Council has been intimately involved for almost 4 years now, working with Councilmember Faulconer and his staff to bring this issue to a resolution.

CouncilmemberFaulconer is ready to bring his Oversized Vehicle Ordinance Amendment solution to the Land Use & Housing Committee of the City Council sometime in October, date not yet determined. We will need a BIG turnout to speak up at this Committee meeting for those who are interested in seeing an Over Sized Vehicle Ordnance Amendment enacted in Pacific Beach.

What is being proposed is absolutely no on-street parking overnight between the hours of 10PM and 6AM unless the owner pays the City for a 3-day permit and parks their vehicle in front of their residence. There will be a limitation on how many passes can be obtained in any 12 month period. Parking Enforcement Officers will patrol the streets at night writing tickets for all vehicles without a permit. Community organizations like the Pacific Beach Town Council along the coast are all supportive of this initiative.

If you are interested in this issue, Councilmember Faulconer’s staff urged community members at the Pacific Beach Town Council general membership meeting to be present to speak in the public comment portion of the Land Use & Housing Committee meeting so that the public opinion that is heavily in favor of an Oversized Vehicle Ordinance Amendment is heard.  When the date is announced it will be posted on the Pacific Beach Town Council website, so stay tuned, Folks!”

Lou Cumming
Safe & Beautiful Committee

[Posted on 09 Oct 2011]
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