Awesome Service Opportunities

Does that phrase sound like a sales pitch? Some might consider it as such… e.g. our trying to get you to help out—as if it were a burden. We look at this however, as an opportunity for you to get involved with us—and experience the rich rewards of giving ourselves to serve both our community and our guests alike.

That’s right, volunteering is something that you will undoubtedly find very rewarding through the pride and satisfaction that you made a difference.

As we head into 2012 please consider the many opportunities we have for you to share your experience and talents. If you’re more likely to lend an occasional hand wherever it’s needed please let us know. We promise to not contact you too often :). We have something for everyone—so, please get involved. You’ll not only have a great experience, you’ll also help build a better Pacific Beach!

Just send us an email and we’ll contact you asap.

PBTC Events
Dine Out – Monthly dinner out on the town
Sundowners – PBTC and local business mixer
Wine Tasting – Fundraiser for PBTC and community beneficiary (TBD)
PAESAN – Police & Emergency Appreciation Picnic (w/ OMBAC, Rotary and Woman’s Club)
PB Day at the Fair – PB public awareness at annual Del Mar Fair

Special Committees
Safe & Beautiful – Public safety, cleaning and beautification, recognition, beach and bay issues
Communication – Public relations, website, newsletter, engaging school-partnerships
Membership – Drive to increase business and residential members, develop member benefits etc.
Volunteer Coordinator – Oversee PBTC-volunteer engagements in various community events

Standing Committees
Rose Creek Cottage – Social enterprise business oversight, planning, marketing and fundraising
Financial Review & Audit Committee – Oversee financial operations, budgeting, grants and audit
Nominating Committee – Locate, screen and present nominees for director and officer positions
Governance Committee – Ensure compliance with PBTC standards, ethics, rules and policies

Other Representatives
Schools – PBTC liaison with area schools
Community Advisory – Special events and alcohol licensee review and recommendations
PB Planning – Representative and alternate
Legal Advisor – Provide legal advice to BOD
Parliamentarian – Advisor to BOD on parliamentary procedures and compliance

[Posted on 22 Dec 2011]
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