Rose Creek Cleanup with ILACSD and Rotary

Join the PB Town Council’s Safe & Beautiful committee and the Rotary Club of Mission Bay at the Mission Bay High School student parking lot on April 28th to help clean up our Rose Creek.

Although registration is not required organizers do ask that we do so to help them plan for resources. Click here to register.

Campland on the Bay is donating ice cream for our Ice Cream Social starting at 11:45 AM, so plan on staying for a bit and maybe win a prize or two at the raffle.

For those of you who have not yet been to a Rose Creek cleanup, these aren’t like beach cleanups where you pick up traditional trash and litter.

In the past volunteers at Rose Creek cleanups have found couches, hot tubs, gas barbecues, car batteries, broken surfboards and of course shopping carts. If you’re up on Santa Fe, you’ll be weaving through trails with bushs and trees rubbing up against you. Dress accordingly.

Boots are recommended although any closed toe show would be OK. Long sleeves, long pants and a good sunhat are also key pieces of equipment to bring.

To cut down on waste at Creek to Bay, please bring your own reusable water bottle, and reusable clean up supplies such as buckets, burlap bags, and work gloves.

Last year the Creek to Bay Clean’s 5,350 volunteers spanned out across 75 coastal and inland cleanup sites throughout San Diego County, removing 80 tons of debris. Not only did these volunteers protect communities countywide, but they additionally prevented marine debris caused by litter that travels from San Diego’s creeks, streams and storm drains to the coast where it contaminates our bays and beaches.

Additional information on the Rose Creek sites for Creek to Bay Cleanup are available here.

[Posted on 15 Apr 2012]
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