The Solution To Beach Trash? One Resident’s Idea

The following letter was recently received at the PBTC office.

I have been a PB resident for 16 years and the beach is something I walk on every single day. Over the years I’ve been making it a point to do my part by picking up trash I see along the beach and bay. I’ve noticed though, so many walking along the beach and walking right past large pieces of plastic and trash. I ask, when do we as a community start taking care of our own backyard (i.e. the bay and beach)? Making good habits for ourselves as a community really shows what we care about and what we won’t stand for.

If you ever walk along Crown Point park at any time, but specifically after a holiday weekend, its absolutely devastating with the mountains of trash and debris floating along the shoreline. Not to mention Easter, with hundreds of plastic eggs floating at the shore. I wish it was a pack-in-pack-out deal at all of our beaches and bays or some larger repercussions since the problem is overwhelming.

I wonder when all of us as residents care enough to pick up just a couple pieces of trash we see. It starts at home, doesn’t it? I am including a link to an organization I donate to, which is called “Take 3 for the Sea”. They have programs that connect with Town Councils. I’d be happy to be a part of such a thing as it seems the care of our very own backyard is something residents ourselves ignore. Let’s create a caring community that comes together and leads.

Every day i repeat the mantra “Take 3 for the Sea”, so maybe we can start that in our community!

Brit A.

[Posted on 29 May 2017]
Category: Beautification
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