Pacific Beach Town Council Membership Analysis

PB Town Council Total current membership = 597

  • Renewed (joined:1957 – 2005) = 216 (36%)
  • Renewed* (joined: 2006 – 2009) = 301 (51%)

*significant growth in membership beginning in 2006

New Members
– 2006 = 91 (30%)
– 2007 = 63 (21%)
– 2008 = 63 (21%)
– 2009 = 84 (28%)
New (from 1/1/2010 – 6/20/2010) = 80 (13%)

Of 597 current members…
•In 92109 zip code = 538 (90%)
•Outside* 92109 zip code = 59 (10%)
*address includes a P.O. Box of 17 individual or business members
•Individual or family = 492 (82%)
•Business = 89 (15%)
•Service** and courtesy = 16 (3%)
**Service membership pays reduced fee (e.g., Pres Church, PB Women’s Club);
courtesy members free (e.g., Faulconer’s office, SDPD, Fire Dept, Lifeguard)

What do the numbers tell us?
•597 PBTC members is less than 2% of PB’s population of 40,000+
•Does PBTC 597 members truly represent the residential diversity and issues that impact PB?
e.g., 69 members (12% of membership) attended and voted on June 16 motion from floor
•Residents and business active in other community groups – how do we better align PBTC with these groups?

Get involved…
•attend PBTC monthly meetings
•participate in monthly PB clean-up
(1st Saturday of each month; 8AM – noon; on boardwalk/end of Grand)
•frequent businesses in PB
•attend PBTC activities to foster community spirit and support a
family-friendly PB
•learn how city resources and programs improve PB
•learn about grass roots groups that improve PB
•learn how your membership dollars and fundraisers improve PB
•become a PBTC member to vote on controversial issues that impact PB

Tell friends/neighbors to attend PBTC general meetings
3rd Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM
at the PB Women’s Club, 1721 Hornblend Street
(more parking available across the street from the club)

PBTC Mission
The purposes of this Association are to
•provide a forum for the discussion of community issues;
•to communicate the views of the community to the appropriate governmental agencies;
•take action on community issues, specifically, but not limited to:
–the general betterment and beautification of the community of Pacific Beach;
–the promotion of the welfare of the residents of the community;
–the fostering of the cooperative efforts among the business people and residents of the community for the mutual benefit; and the continued improvement of Mission Bay Park.

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