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Graffiti Clean Up Day

Help remove hundreds of tags in Pacific Beach at our 10th annual Graffiti Clean Up Day, Saturday, April 28th, 9am – 12 noon.  Volunteers needed to help identify graffiti tags in PB ahead of event.  To report and help mapping process, contact:

On event day, volunteers will meet at PB Presbyterian Church, 1675 Garnet Ave, to receive training and pick up supplies/cleaners.

Download the event information sheet here and download the cleanup participation waiver here.

If you can’t volunteer, please consider making a donation toward purchase of supplies for the cleanup.  To donate, click here.

[Posted on 10 Mar 2018]

The Solution To Beach Trash? One Resident’s Idea

The following letter was recently received at the PBTC office.

I have been a PB resident for 16 years and the beach is something I walk on every single day. Over the years I’ve been making it a point to do my part by picking up trash I see along the beach and bay. I’ve noticed though, so many walking along the beach and walking right past large pieces of plastic and trash. I ask, when do we as a community more »

[Posted on 29 May 2017]

Learn About Surfrider’s Restaurant Initiative

Surfrider’s Ocean Friendly Restaurant Campaign works with San Diego Country restaurants to institute self-regulated policies that will reduce disposable plastic waste.

Download the PDF to read about the Campaign.

View a list of Ocean Friendly Restaurants.

[Posted on 10 Mar 2017]

What’s Up With De Anza?

deanzaThe De Anza Revitalization Plan will entail three years of comprehensive outreach and planning to reimagine, repurpose, and revitalize the project area.  Click here to learn more about the project, sign up for email updates, contact the project team and learn how you can be involved.

[Posted on 12 Jan 2016]

Latest SDGE Utility Box Makeover Takes Shape Outside PB Library


[Click photo to enlarge]
Artist Susie Shippey has made a beautiful, libary-themed improvement to the SDGE Box outside the PB Library.

David Talon, a PB Town Council Director, has spearheaded an SDGE Box beautification project. There’s been a great response from people wanting to donate their time to brighten the neighborhood’s drab utility boxes.

The latest makeover, outside the Reed Avenue entrance to the Pacific Beach Library, is being done by volunteer artist Susie Shippey.

Susie lives in Fashion Valley, but wanted to make a positive contribution to our library, even though she doesn’t live here.

Susie has spend countless hours in the hot sun, painting away! We greatly appreciate her time and effort. Come take a closer look at her work next time you visit the library.

[Posted on 28 Sep 2015]

Help Clean Our Beaches December 6th!!


[Posted on 04 Dec 2014]

Thank You Core Power Yoga!


Who: CorePower Yoga What: Neighborhood Clean- Up Date: Wednesday, July 30, 2014 Time: 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Location: Around the CorePower Yoga studio Corepower Yoga Teachers-in-Training had a fabulous time beautifying PB for their Karma Yoga Project! The coolest part? All the appreciative PBcians we met while we were picking up trash!

[Posted on 18 Aug 2014]

Thank you PB Women’s club for a job well done!

PB Womens club cleanup

[Posted on 18 Jul 2014]

Thanks Crown Point Coffee for Keeping PB Clean!

CPcleanuppic3 CPCleanuppic2 CPCleanuppic1

[Posted on 07 Jun 2014]

Thanks to The Wood Group for Keeping our Beaches Clean!

woodgrouppic2Woodgrouppic1woodgrouppic3PBTC Cleanup again 2

[Posted on 21 May 2014]

Crown Point Junior Music Academy gives back on Earth Day!

PBTC Cleanup 2

Crown Point Junior Music Academy gives back to Mother Earth on Tuesday April 22nd, 2014 (Earth Day). Over 75 4th and 5th grade students, parents, and staff clean up the neighborhood along Pacific Beach Dr., Ingraham St., Fortuna St., Jewell St., and Shasta. (photo above only shows one class, Mrs. Bower) With PB Town Council providing gloves and trash pickers, students were not afraid to pick up dog poop and cigarette butts, which was amongst the most common waste found in the neighborhood, as well as other trash articles. When students returned to school, 20 bags of trash were counted. Students had the opportunity to learn about the importance of cleaning up after themselves, their dogs, and keeping the environment clean.

PBTC Cleanup

[Posted on 18 May 2014]

St. Paul’s Lutheran School Cleans Up Pacific Beach!

St.Paul PBTC

On Monday, March 24, St. Paul’s Lutheran Schools students in grade K-8 fanned out in the neighborhood north of the school (1376 Felspar Street) to pick up trash and recyclables from the sidewalk areas, curb and alleys. 135 students and 12 teachers and parents participated in in this Pacific Beach clean-up. Each class was assigned a route to follow and in 90 minutes the students were able to clean-up the area bounded on the east by Ingraham Street, Cass Street to the west, Felspar to the south and Chalcedony to the north, as well as cleaning up the parking lot of the Wells Fargo Bank. The students and staff had a great time making “Pacific Beach shine” and they did get a little competitive to see who could pick up the most trash. St. Paul’s Lutheran School appreciates the opportunity to serve the community of Pacific Beach and to partner with the Pacific Beach Town Council for this project. Thank you for the supplies for the clean-up (the students really liked the “pickers” and I had more than one request to be able to keep them!). We would also love to participate in a project like this on a regular basis. Fred Friedrichs, Principal St. Paul’s Lutheran School

[Posted on 02 May 2014]

Thank you Council District Two staff and Volunteers!!

140404 PB Ice Plant1

The Council District Two staff was in the Pacific Beach community last week and joined volunteers in trimming back ice plant that had grown onto the boardwalk. They were even joined by a homeless neighbor who pitched in with the clean up.

140404 PB Ice Plant4140404 PB Ice Plant3

[Posted on 26 Apr 2014]

Duck Dive Beach Clean Up on April 22nd!

duckdivebeachcleanup PBTC

[Posted on 21 Apr 2014]

PBTC’s 7th Annual Beach Cleanup! Come help keep our beaches clean!

2014 Graffiti Day flyer PBTC

[Posted on 30 Mar 2014]