The Pacific Beach Town Council has a wide array of different committees each with the purpose of taking on unique projects in PB. Board Director status is not required in order to be seated on a committee. Contact the PB Town Council if you are interested in volunteering for any of the committees listed below!

Standing Committees:

Communications Committee: Jaden Ballardo (Chair), Susan Crowers, Michael Herndon, Charlie Nieto, Tony Schlegel

  • Newsletter: Jaden Ballardo, Charlie Nieto, Susan Crowers, Leslie Dufour, Liz Segre, Dalton Rodda
  • Social Media: Jaden Ballardo, Charlie Nieto, Susan Crowers
  • Website Management: Charlie Nieto, Ron Walker

Financial Review & Audit Committee: Michael Herndon (Chair), Marcella Bothwell, Denise Friedman

Governance Committee: Karl Rand (Chair), Cathie Jolley (Parliamentarian), Tony Schlegel

Membership Committee: Trisha Goolsby (Chair), Taylor Henschel, Eden Yaege

Community Enhancement Committee: Susan Crowers (Chair), Leslie Dufour, Cathie Jolley, Charlie Nieto, Dalton Rodda, Tony Schlegel, Ron Walker

Rose Creek Cottage Committee: Charlie Nieto (Temporary Chair), Marcella Bothwell, Susan Crowers, Karl Rand

Ad Hoc PB Recreation Center Mural Project Committee: Marcella Bothwell (Chair), Brian Curry, Denise Friedman, Cathie Jolley, Charlie Nieto

Special Events Committees:

Concerts on the Green Committee: Marcella Bothwell (Chair), Charlie Nieto, Jaden Ballardo, Trisha Goolsby

PAESAN Committee: Marcella Bothwell (Chair), Denise Friedman, Cathie Jolley, Tony Schlegel, Charlie Nieto

Graffiti Busters Committee: Susan Crowers and Tony Schlegel (Co-Chairs), Marcie Beckett, Marcella Bothwell, Leslie Dufour, Trisha Goolsby, Jim Menders, Charlie Nieto, Leslie Ritz, Steve Ritz, Dalton Rodda, Kim Short, Ron Walker

Nominations Committee: [ Not in session ]