Donate to PBTC

Pacific Beach Town Council is run by volunteers who donate their time and energy to the community. Their activities are supported by members and donors like you! The Pacific Beach Town Council is always appreciative of donations above and beyond the membership fee, and we thank you for all that you are able to give.

General Donations

PBTC Donations

P.A.E.S.A.N. Sponsorships

The following PAESAN sponsorship levels are available. You’ll be prompted to enter a dollar amount after clicking the Donate button below. (Learn more about PAESAN.)

Commodore: Greater than $5,000
Seahorse: $5,000
Starfish: $2,500
Sand Dollar: $2,000
Seashell: $1,000
Porpoise: $500
Manta: $250
Marlin: $100
Sailfish: $50

Graffiti Clean-Up Donations

Your donation will help our volunteers to clean up hundreds of tags in PB as part of our 12th annual Graffiti Clean-Up Day.

Concerts on the Green Sponsorships

Concert Series Sponsor: $5,000
Single Concert Sponsor: $1,000
For the above options, please contact our office and pay by check.
For the following choices, please click “Donate” and pay online.

Founder: $500           Fan: $250
Friend: $100           Donor: $25 to $99