Annual P.A.E.S.A.N. Community BBQ

Police And Emergency Services Appreciation Night — “PAESAN” — is an annual tradition in Pacific Beach going back more than 40 years. It’s a community BBQ and awards ceremony honoring the first responders who serve our community, taking place one evening every September. It’s also a fundraiser. Each year a group is honored and supported — rotating among lifeguards, firefighters, park rangers and police. Typically PBTC purchases items that are needed but not funded by the current City budget.


The 43rd annual PAESAN honored our city’s Park Rangers and took place on September 27th, 2023 from 4:00 – 6:30 pm, at North Crown Point Shores Rotary Club Pavilion (3700 Corona Oriente Road, just off Crown Point Drive at Moorland Drive).

A Special Thank You to our Sustaining Sponsors:

O.M.B.A.C., Evans Hotels, Ocean park Inn, SeaWorld, Claudia & Bill Allen, Barbara Bry, & Denise Friedman

PAESAN Tickets & Sponsorships

The 43rd Annual PAESAN Event has now concluded!

Individual Tickets: $5 at the door of the event
Individual Ticket plus a Sponsorship for 4 Additional First Responders: $25

Sand Dollar Sponsorship: $26 to $99
Starfish Sponsorship: $100 to $499
Octopus Sponsorship: $500 to $999
Porpoise Sponsorship: $1,000 to $2,999
Seahorse Sponsorship*: $3,000 to $4,999
Commodore Sponsorship*: $5,000 or more

* For Commodore or Seahorse donations, please send a check to Pacific Beach Town Council, 1706 Garnet Avenue, San Diego, CA 92109. Other category donations may be made by check or online using the button below.

About Previous PAESAN Events

PAESAN 2022 celebrated the Station 21 Firefighters

PAESAN 2021 celebrated the San Diego Lifeguards. Download the event flyer.

PAESAN 2020 was not held in person due to Covid-19 concerns and public health orders against large gatherings. But the support continued. For the police of Northern Division, PBTC purchased a new refrigerator, beach ATV helmet communication speakers, cargo bags, a new piece of workout equipment and new office chairs.

PAESAN 2019 honored and fulfilled the Wish List of the park rangers and park maintenance staff of PB parks. Download the event flyer.

PAESAN 2018 raised enough money to make $50,000 in improvements to make the Station 21 work environment cleaner and safer. A giant extractor fan now removes carcinogenic substances from the air where firefighters work, and new high-end commercial washers and dryers extract toxic materials from gear they wear. We were also able to construct a clean work area for equipment repairs and provide a commercial ice maker so firefighters can load up their coolers when they go on fire calls.