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This page is for individual and family renewals.
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Thank you for your membership in the Town Council. Please read this page carefully, as our renewal system has changed.

New for 2019: Calendar Year Renewals

Historically, each member’s renewal date was on the anniversary of joining PBTC. With an eye toward greater operational efficiencies, this year we are transitioning to a system whereby, starting in 2020, all memberships renew on January 1. Your renewal for 2019 is pro-rated for a partial year.

For 2019, the Individual/Family membership fee structure is as follows.

If your renewal occurs during: Your 2019 cost is: Your next renewal is:
July, Aug, Sept 2019 (Q3) $15.00 $30 on 1/1/2020
Oct, Nov, Dec 2019 (Q4) $7.50 $30 on 1/1/2020

Please choose the appropriate option below, based on:

  • When your membership is due for renewal. You should have received a renewal reminder (mail or email) which includes your membership anniversary date. If you’re unsure, you can contact us.
  • Whether you’re an Individual or Family (cost is the same).


  • After your transaction processes, please click “Return to Merchant” to receive your membership card and other membership information.
  • For your convenience, you may choose to pay now for all of 2020.

Individual Membership Renewal

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