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J U L Y   2 0 2 3

Hello neighbors!

As the sun finally graces our breezy shores and the tourists flock to our little town in droves, we’d like to remind you all about the exciting and important happenings in our vibrant community.

With much fanfare, we finally celebrated the dedication of the four-year-long installation of the awe-inspiring Community Surf Garden.

If music is your jam, then get your groove on at Concerts on the Green! Our family-friendly concert series will kick off on July 23 at Kate Sessions Park, with even more features and entertainment for all.

Details on these events and more stories are ahead in this month’s thrilling newsletter!

As always, I’d like to thank you for your support of and devotion to Pacific Beach, which makes so many wonderful things possible. I can’t wait to see you all at Concerts on the Green!

Warm regards,

Charlie Nieto
Pacific Beach Town Council President


2023 Concerts on the Green


July 23 – July 30 – August 6 – August 13

With crowds in the thousands last year, we hope to see a lot of your smiling faces back this year for another round of free music and good times.


This year’s concert series will span four Sundays in July and August. This family-friendly event is FREE! Come enjoy the electric music and yummy snacks and beverages from our local business vendors.

Our four bands this year are…

  • Full Strength – Sunday, July 23
  • Paging The 90s – Sunday, July 30
  • Cassie B Project – Sunday, August 6
  • Band Overboard – Sunday, August 13

Our community stage will open around 4 pm every Sunday and will feature some local youth bands, with the featured bands to start playing around 5-7 pm at sunset!

This year’s concert series still needs sponsorships and support to keep the good times rolling! If you or someone you know would be interested in sponsoring the 2023 Concerts on the Green, please consider donating.

Get more information about donor tiers at


The True Cost of Vending


There’s been a spirited debate on a certain “unnamed” online platform — you know the one. It’s meant to be a helpful community resource, yet it often feels like a platform for complaints and misinformation. In response to a recent post about vendors returning to the boardwalk, one well-intentioned person replied, “Compassion is freeeee!”

But is it? The $38 vendors pay for a permit doesn’t come close to covering the expenses of administration and enforcement of the City’s Sidewalk Vending Ordinance. Last year it cost taxpayers $1.3 million for the opportunity to buy merchandise of all kinds — whether mass-produced from a factory overseas or handmade by a local artist.


Next year, with additional hiring for this program, the City expects costs to run $4.5 million!

The City Attorney has yet to close the “loophole” these vendors are exploiting, which begs the question: Why are we dumping millions of dollars into an ordinance which, as written, can’t be enforced?


Everything You Wanted to Know About SB 10. (Don’t Be Afraid to Ask!)


California State Bill 10 (SB 10) is a significant piece of legislation that will have far-reaching effects for zoning regulations. SB 10 is entirely optional; however, Mayor Gloria has embraced its promise to increase housing supply, expedite the approval process, and provide greater flexibility to rezone neighborhoods.

Critics argue that with only minimal affordability requirements, it’s an ill-conceived plan destined to ruin the character of neighborhoods, strain aging infrastructure, clear-cut tree canopies, and allow apartment buildings with little to no parking up to a mile away from transit corridors.

The City has an infrastructure deficit of over 5 billion dollars. If the City is already struggling to take care of the infrastructure needs of current residents (think sewers, streets with potholes, lighting), is building more dense housing without developer impact fees a good idea?

It’s time for residents to weigh in! Please join us at our next general meeting, Wednesday, July 19th, 6:30 pm at Crown Point Jr. Music Academy auditorium, for a timely presentation on SB 10. Geoff Hueter of Neighbors for a Better San Diego will be speaking out about the negative impact on our city. (We are also trying to secure a speaker who is in favor of SB 10.)

We hope you can join us!


July PBTC Social Hour


Our next PBTC social hour will be held at Fitness West on Wednesday, July 26 from 4 to 6 pm. Come join us for an evening filled with friends, fitness, food and fun!

We will be partnering with Fitness West, Cafe Athena, and Yogurt On The Rocks to bring you this month’s social event.

Each business will provide discounts for all our participants. In addition, PBTC members will receive a free special treat from each business.


To participate in this month’s social, please visit

We look forward to seeing all our PB neighbors there!


Pacific Beach Community Surf Garden Dedication Ceremony


On July 7, the Pacific Beach Town Council held the official dedication ceremony for the PB Surf Garden Mural.

We are thankful to the many neighbors and local representatives who enjoyed this wonderful event with us.


PBTC president Charlie Nieto, Surf Garden artist Rob Tobin, and PB honorary mayor Brian Curry were recognized for their hard work on the PB Surf Garden Mural.

Attendees of the dedication ceremony also enjoyed food and music.

At the podium is Brian Curry, who has been tireless in his efforts to raise funds and organize volunteers to complete this beautiful work of public art at PB Rec Center.

A partial view of the installation.

PBTC president Charlie Nieto with San Diego councilmember Joe LaCava.

Former PB honorary mayor Cathie Jolley with Rob Tobin and Charlie Nieto.

It has been a long journey to the installation of this mural. With help from artist Rob Tobin, PB Honorary Mayor Brian Curry, and many dedicated Town Council volunteers, we were able to unveil this glimmering masterpiece to the residents of PB.

If you missed the dedication ceremony, you can watch a CBS8 news story about it here.


2023 Dan Froelich Youth Awards


It is both humbling and encouraging to review scholarship applications from our local middle and high school students. The downside is having to select just one 8th grade student and one graduating senior for PBTC’s yearly community service award, because each applicant was uniquely impressive and deserving.

We would like to recognize the following students for their contributions in giving back to our community:

  • Olivia Constable
  • Kai Eichhorn
  • Katherine Eichhorn
  • Sorelle Muto
  • Hudson Souders

The 2023 Dan Froelich Youth Award Recipients:

Lauren Pelot – Mission Bay High School

Even before her election as senior class president, Lauren has been passionate about being a voice for her generation as a student and community activist. Last summer she was selected as a delegate for California Girls State, giving her the opportunity to develop leadership skills, learn about state and local government processes, and discuss important issues with peers from all over the state.

Of her many extracurricular activities, the one Lauren values above all is her eight years of volunteering with the Autism Tree Project Foundation.

We wish Lauren well as she heads to UCLA to pursue her undergraduate degree, followed by law school.


Bruce Ebreo receiving his award from PBTC president Charlie Nieto.

Bruce Ebreo – Pacific Beach Middle School

Bruce is co-founder and president of The Friendly and Neurodiverse (FAN) Club. Neurodivergencies are neurological variations such as autism, ADHD, and dyslexia, and neurodiversity is the acceptance of those different brain types.

Neurodivergencies can have drawbacks at times, but it is helpful to focus on their benefits and advantages. Bruce and his brother started the FAN Club to help spread neurodiversity, with weekly lunch meetings. The FAN Club offers students an opportunity to hear presentations about neurodiversity. It also provides a safe space for people who are uncomfortable around the noisy lunch crowd, and they can also have fun playing board games.

Our heartiest congratulations to Lauren and Bruce!


Community Court Needs You!


Discover Pacific Beach is looking for volunteers for its Beach Area Community Court Impact Panel.

Offenders committing quality-of-life crimes are given the opportunity to attend Beach Area Community Court (BACC). Such crimes include alcohol-related offenses, urinating in public, littering, glass on the beach, smoking in parks, and dog off a leash.

We need your help to educate people who have committed these types of crimes in our community. They need to hear from US about how these offenses diminish our quality of life in the beach area. When it comes from you, it’s real, and they listen.


Quality-of-life offenses include glass on the beach, alcohol-related offenses, and having a dog off a leash.

What is the time commitment? Community Court takes place monthly during most of the year and several times a month during the summer season. You can help once or as many times as you like! We need a variety of voices and stories to reach our participants and broaden their point of view regarding personal responsibility and making amends.

The educational component lasts two hours, but we need your participation for only about 45-60 minutes on a weeknight.

There is also a short training session (two hours) that you must complete before you can volunteer for BACC.

What do I have to do? If you volunteer for the educational session, you participate in a small group discussion with people who have committed low-level offenses in your community. The discussion is guided, and participants are not permitted to contest their citation.

In the past, community members have enjoyed these sessions immensely and say they learned as much from the participants. Consider giving it a try!

Register for Community Court

SD Police Department, Northern Division


With the Pacific Beach Community Court in session (see article above), SDPD would like to remind everyone about which actions qualify as quality-of-life offenses and what you can do to avoid getting a ticket. Examples of such offenses are:

  • Possession of open container of alcohol
  • Dog(s) off leash in public
  • Drinking in public
  • Illegal dumping
  • Urinating in public
  • Indecent exposure

To avoid off-leash violations, you can check the City website to view the full list of dog-friendly parks and facilities. Learn more at


San Diego Fire Department


This 4th of July, SDFD added a temporary second engine to our PB station, as well as five firefighters on bicycles to assist those visiting our beaches. Having a few firefighters on bikes makes it easier to cut through the busy crowds and quickly get to injured individuals.


Thank you, SDFD, for implementing additional assistance during this very popular and crowded holiday week!


San Diego Lifeguards


With June Gloom seemingly gone, the ocean looks more inviting than ever. We want to see everyone enjoying and making memories at our beaches this summer, but before you dive in, check the tide conditions of your swimming location.

Rip currents are frequent occurrences. Since Memorial Day weekend, our lifeguards have made 15 rescues!

For San Diego tide conditions, visit

To learn about rip currents and how to avoid them, visit



PBTC General Meeting


Join us for our monthly community meeting on Wednesday, July 19, at 6:30 pm.

Our meetings are 100 percent in-person and held at the Crown Point Junior Music Academy, 4033 Ingraham Street. For more information, check Instagram, Facebook, and your email closer to the date.

We hope to see all your happy faces there in person!

Note: Due to the campus construction project, if you are parking in the school’s faculty lot off Jewell Street, look for a gated corridor in the southwest corner of the parking lot that will lead you to the main campus and auditorium. As always, if walking or parking on Pacific Beach Drive, you may enter the auditorium directly from the street.


Garden Gurus


Thursday mornings from 8 to 10 am.

If greening-up PB sounds fun to you, contact to be added to the Garden Gurus weekly email list. No long-term commitment is required — just come when you can!

You can find more information about Garden Gurus at


Pygmy date palms at the Crown Point
community garden needed trimming…

So PBTC Garden Gurus got to work!

Second Saturday Cleanups


Our July 8 Second Saturday Cleanup dealt with weeds on a berm adjacent to the boardwalk, as well as trash pickup on nearby streets and alleys.

Congratulations to volunteer Joan Kessler, who was selected at random for a $25 gift certificate to Pacific Beach Ice Cream Company!



PBTC Community Calendar


This is a great resource for all local events. From beach cleanups to social mixers, there’s something for everyone!

View events from many community organizations in PB, or submit your own.

For more information, view the PBTC Community Calendar.

You can also view our events through Eventbrite: PBTC Eventbrite.


PBTC Office Hours


Our office hours are limited to Wednesdays, 9 to 11 am, but we always respond by email: Our office is located at 1706 Garnet Avenue in the Union Bank building.



Nightingale Music

5631 La Jolla Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92037
(858) 488-3244
Instagram: @nightingalemusicschool

Have you been looking for an interactive and enriching place for your kiddo to grow and learn? Well don’t fret, Nightingale Music School hits the right note.

Located in Bird Rock, Nightingale Music School has been offering music classes and enrichment programs to infants, toddlers, preschoolers and elementary-age students throughout San Diego County since 2002.

Early childhood music classes, workshops, preschools, group instrumental lessons, and birthday parties are some of the ways in which Nightingale Music School has spread the joy of music to the youngest of our generation.

Nightingale music classes combine all types of music — from traditional nursery songs to rock-n-roll — with creative movement. Music classes are for ages 6 months to 5 years and are held in two studio locations and outside at Kate Sessions Park and Morley Field Park.

To learn more about classes and Nightingale’s overall mission, visit



North Shores Printery

15% off any products/services for PBTC members.
926 Turquoise Street, San Diego, CA 92109
(858) 488-4871

For moments when your printer thinks it’s a rockstar and continuously jams, North Shores Printery has you covered.

North Shores Printery is a locally owned and operated printing establishment that has been serving the community since 1980. North Shores’ success has required dramatic expansion in staffing and facilities over the years and can be attributed to the premise upon which the company was founded: “To deliver a quality product, on time, at a reasonable price.”

From concept to printed piece, you can count on North Shores Printery for all your printing and graphics needs.

For more information, please visit


Sandy Eggos Street to Beach Cleanups


This summer PBTC is partnering with PB Presbyterian Church to host a series of three street cleanups from Jewell Street to the beach. The dates for the remaining events are July 22 and August 26.


Volunteers will meet at the church from 10 am to 12 pm for an Eggo waffle breakfast and supply pickup. After breakfast, we will head out to pick up trash and log in steps (maybe enough to work off those waffles!).

The Street to Beach Cleanup will end near the beach in front of Kono’s Cafe.

For more information on these summer cleanups, you can contact PBTC at or Pastor Bill Sperry at


Kiwanis Club Wine-Down Summer


Join the PB Kiwanis Club for a mid-summer wine tasting fundraiser!

This event will take place on Saturday, August 19, 4 to 7 pm at Broken Yolk Cafe, 1851 Garnet Avenue.


Enjoy good wine with your neighbors, and stick around for the appetizers, silent auction, and raffle!

Tickets are $30 a person, and you must be 21+ to attend. For more information on the event or to purchase tickets, call Jim Moore at (858) 692-0403.


Madhatter Twisted Tea Party


Get ready to PARTY with a PURPOSE!

Join Shoreline Community Services at Mavericks Beach Club for live music, games, festive food and drinks, raffles, and much more!


Come together with your friends, family, and neighbors to celebrate summer and support the work that Shoreline does to help our unhoused neighbors on their journey off the streets.

Date: Thursday, July 20, 2023

Time: 5:00-8:00 pm

Where: Mavericks Beach Club, 860 Garnet Avenue, San Diego, CA 92109



PBTC 43rd Annual P.A.E.S.A.N


Save the date! On Wednesday, September 27 will be our 43rd annual Police and Emergency Services Appreciation Night community BBQ at Crown Point Shores Park.

This year we’re honoring our parks and recreation staff and park rangers. This event is a fun way for our community to gather and acknowledge the hard work and sacrifices of all of our first responders.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or helping plan or set up this event, we would love to have you! Contact for more info.

You’ll find more information about this year’s P.A.E.S.A.N event on our website and social media.


Quick Fix Contacts


The PBTC is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of the residents and visitors of Pacific Beach. Sometimes, because of the name of our organization, people mistakenly conclude that we are City of San Diego employees. However, we do not have any of the legislative or enforcement powers that city governments have.

People often contact us to solve problems about missed trash collections, city construction projects, homeless encampments, and the like. As a local volunteer organization, we don’t run the agencies that fix these problems, but we are more than happy to provide you with the contact information of the people who can.

We will continue to update this list monthly.

Abandoned Vehicle (over 72 hours)

Code Compliance Violations

Crime Stoppers

Report Crimes NOT in progress

Homeless Services/Encampment

Potholes, Sidewalks, Streetlights, Traffic Signals

Trash/Dumping/Litter/Debris (include location and description)

SDGE Graffiti Hotline (only for graffiti on SDGE boxes)

Government Officials

City Council, District 1: Councilmember Joe LaCava

Mayor’s Office: Todd Gloria

SDPD Coastal Community Relations Officer Jessica Thrift

2023 PBTC Board of Directors

President: Charlie Nieto
Vice President: Cathie Jolley
Treasurer: Michael Herndon
Secretary: Liz Garcia

Jaden Ballardo
Marcella Bothwell
Susan Crowers
Denise Friedman
Trisha Goolsby
Shane O’Connell
Karl Rand
Tony Schlegel
Kim Short

Community Newsletter Team:
Jaden Ballardo, Susan Crowers, Leslie Dufour, Charlie Nieto, Dalton Rodda, Liz Segre, and Ron Walker
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