PBTC Power Washing

We’re Cleaning Up PB!

Recent power washing projects by PBTC include the bench and trash can areas on the boardwalk at the Felspar and Emerald Street cul-de-sacs. (See before-and-after photos below.)

Eighteen trash can areas along Mission Boulevard and Garnet Avenue were also cleaned using high-temperature, high-psi water.

PBTC is now looking at broader goals to clean large sections of our sidewalks with power washing and gum removal techniques. As we move block-by-block down Garnet Ave., we could use your help to make it happen.

By making a tax-deductible donation here, the money will be earmarked for our power washing efforts. Thank you for helping to clean up PB!

Below are photos from a recent demonstration of effective gum removal from local sidewalks using dry ice. Your donation would help us to expand the gum removal program to more blocks.